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Why it's hard to write notes for [the Secrets of Consulting]

It's a peculiar book. [the Secrets of Consulting] by Gerald M.Weinberg is a mixture of insights, anecdotes, fabricated rules and invitation of further thoughts. It could be compared to [Goals] or [The Phoenix Project] which embrace the style of novels, while mainly be grouped by chapters of rules.

Nevertheless don't be fooled by the apperance, those rules are not supposed to be followed as doctrines, rather a trigger for readers' own reflection. That means it's almost impossible to write notes or review after the read, because the flaky yet frequent thoughts during the read are hard to capture, and mere summarization of the book has no value, if not harmful.

After trying really hard

There are a subset of the quotation from the book that have more practicability than others, to name a few

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Nah, I would not to do that. As I have mentioned, it's dangerous to quote those rules without the contexts aka the stories in the book. Yes, the stories. Those stories provide the key enlightnment along with indispensable boundary of the enlightnment. Overlooking this aspect, then the point is lost.

Value of the book?

Definitely not a book that will change your consulting career directly, though I wonder if that book exists. It's a nap in the career for the reader, a memoir of author's own profound experience.

I do recommend a read. As I said about the hardness, it's all I could write for now.