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Async Vue lifecycle hook


For who is looking for an approach to ensure async operation such as backend data loading is done in created lifecycle hook, this blog hopes to shed some light and reveal under the hood mechanism for the sake of other scenarios.

Final solution


The original problem this tried to resolve was that, in the top App.vue we intended to load a minimum set of global status such as localisation, permissions from backend before routed page component is loaded. Yet we later found out the latter stages in life cycle won't wait for the completion of an async call in earlier stage. That's due to the misunderstanding of Vue's lifecycle hook mechanisms.

This shows how it doesn't work as expected.

Vue lifecycle hook is synchronised called

As briefly mentioned in Vue API guide, the hook is called "synchronously". What that means is even the hook is an async function itself, which is valid syntactically, the hook is called as regular function in Vue's codebase, without await or Promise's .then().

The initialisation flag

The idea of fix comes from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65639724/how-to-use-async-await-in-vue-lifecycle-hooks-with-vuex , a v-if on an initialisation flag could block the rendering of components until mandatory information is ready, which should be kept to minimum to avoid user experience drawback.

More common cases

Most of the time, this technique is not necessary for page component. Provide a default value for the data to be rendered at start, and rely on Vue's reactive rendering after the data is fetched in the async function is good enough.